Ridetech 55-57 Chevy Car Level 2 Complete Air Suspension Kit

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Ridetech 55-57 Chevy Car Level 2 Complete Air Suspension Kit (RID-11020299)

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Level 2 Complete Air Suspension System for 55-57 Chevy Car

The LEVEL 2 system provides more tuning with the addition of a STRONGARM front kit and the enhanced RidePro control system. The front CoolRide system is a simple bolt-on install that comes with our STRONGARM tubular control arms. A Ridetech 4-Link will position the rear more precisely and eliminate the flexing and instability of the leafspring rear. The 5-gallon RidePro compressor system provides 4-way digital control. It allows 3 system air pressure presets to provide accurate adjustments with the touch of just one button.

NOTE: The two-piece frame is made from 2 pieces of metal welded together along their length. The one-piece frame is made from a single piece of metal and has no weld line (both frames have a seam on the top of the frame; the two-piece also has a seam on the bottom). The width of these frames is slightly different. The two-piece frame measures 35-1/8” between the framerails immediately behind the body mount in front of the rear wheel. The one-piece frame measures 33-11/16” between the framerails. This measurement is important to determine because our AirBar crossmember is placed in that position.