Billet Specialties Power Steering Hose Kit for Remote Reservoir

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Billet Specialties take the guesswork out of power steering hoses to save you time and money. Each kit is supplied with enough adapters to cover most popular GM boxes and Ford type racks. Quality fittings and hose from Russell Performance are used exclusively to ensure reliability. Included -6 & -10 fittings match our remote power steering reservoirs and the GM Type II pumps used in Tru Trac & V-Trac pulley systems.


  • ‘65 - ‘78 GM 800 steering gear box (Metric & SAE)
  • ‘74 - ‘77 Ford Mustang II rack & pinion
  • CPP GM 500 steering gearbox • GM rack & pinion
  • Flaming River rack & pinion
  • Dodge Omni rack & pinion

Tech Tip: Quality power steering hose is a must when installing a power steering system. Power steering hoses are subjected to high levels of vacuum and pressure and standard hoses may collapse or burst under these extremes.


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