Limited Edition SO-CAL Speed Shop AZ '53 F100 Push Truck with Trailer and Belly Tank Set

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Be one of the few to own this Limited Edition SO-CAL Speed Shop Truck and Belly Tanker Set! *ONLY 10 SETS AVAILABLE!* *SO-CAL AZ EXCLUSIVE!*

Set includes: The So-Cal Speed Shop Push Truck, the So-Cal Trailer, and the So-Cal Belly Tank.

The So-Cal Speed Shop Push Truck, So-Cal Speed Shop used this F-100 to push-off their famous belly tanker, 34 Coupe and other hot rods during their record setting runs at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Adding a final touch to this truck, they have tooled up a removable push block for the front bumper and a trailer hitch for the rear bumper. 1:18 Scale Replica. 1:18 scale limited edition and numbered SO-CAL Belly Tank Lakester diecast model. A summary of the "Most Honored Car in the History of Bonneville" It's not too often that a record can stand the test of time today, but Alex Xydias accomplished that when he built and campaigned the So-Cal Belly Tanker in 1951 at Bonneville. Alex was looking for a good way to put his speed shop on the map in Southern California.

The So-Cal Speed Shop Belly Tanker was built using a surplus P-38 fuel tank as its body. In August of '48, a massaged Ford 156 inch, built by non other than Vic Edelbrock Sr. was installed and set a class record of 130.155. The Southern California Timing Association created a special class for these fuel tank cars calling them "lakesters". Later at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Alex and the So-Cal team used the V8-60 to set a class record at 145.395. They then installed a larger 259 inch Mercury flat head and again, set a new class record at 181.085. Then the set yet another class record at 195.77 setting a one-way speed of 198.34 mph. That one-way speed still stands firm for the fastest speed ever achieved by a normally-aspirated flat head-powered car.

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