Ridetech StreetGrip Suspension System for 1963-1972 Chevy C-10

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The StreetGrip System for 63-72 C10 includes Front Coil Springs, Front Sway Bar, Drop Spindles, Delrin Control Arm Bushings, Front and Rear HQ Series Shocks, Dual Rate Rear Springs, C-Notches, Full Length Adjustable Panhard Bar & Lowering Blocks

  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Delrin Bushings for your OEM control arms to eliminate metal-to-metal OEM bushings or worn OEM rubber bushings to provide years of quiet friction-free service.
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Boxed Bolt-In C-Notch that can be installed INSIDE the framerail without bed removal or modification.
  • Full-length Panhard bar with relocated mount to correct the position of the Panhard bar at your new lowered ride height.
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Dual-Rate Coilsprings that provide both a superior ride quality AND handling while retaining OEM hauling capacity.
  • RideTech HQ Series Adjustable Shocks with new mounts to provide the finest in ride quality and handling in the world...AND a 1,000,001-mile shock warranty!
  • 2.5" Drop Spindles eliminate bumpsteer and improve suspension geometry.
  • 1.250" Front Swaybar with Delrin Bushings provides superior handling AND superior ride quality.
  • Heavy Duty trailing arm blocks, U-bolts, and hardware to replace your worn OEM pieces
  • Durable, attractive rusted parts on your nice truck!



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