SO-CAL Speed Shop Step-Boxed '32 Frame

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All SO-CAL Speed Shop Step-Boxed 1932 frames use American Stamping rails for strength and authenticity. All frames include the following:

-The strength of an unground fillet weld on the boxing plates.
-Recessed boxing plates which increase clearance for:

  • Brake lines                         
  • Exhaust systems
  • Fuel lines              
  • Steering components
  • Power cables

-A “swept C” in the rear which minimizes the stress of the cut and spreads the load over a greater area.
-A universal trans mount that cleverly accommodates TH350, TH400, 700R4 transmissions as well as 4, 5 or 6-speed manuals.
-Front crossmember angled at 7 degrees for correct caster.
-All SO-CAL Step-Boxed frames include the following:

  • Brake proportioning valve mounting pad                            
  • All crossmembers
  • Engine and trans mounts                            
  • Steering box mount
  • Front Panhard bar bracket                          
  • Front brake line tabs
  • Master cylinder bracket                               
  • Rear radius rod tabs
  • Brake pedal mount

NOTE: Due to all the variations between stock and reproduction bodies SO-CAL Step-Boxed ’32 chassis come without body mounting holes—we felt it best to leave the hole positioning up to the builder. However, strategically placed under the top rail are welded-in bosses that can be drilled and tapped for body mounting once the position of the body has been finalized in relation to the firewall and the radiator/grille shell.

NOTE: We strongly advise that you call and speak to one of our team members about your needs and exact specifications.

NOTE: For those who want something other than a small-block Chevy motor, the SO-CAL Step-Boxed chassis is now available without engine or trans mounts. It is also available special order with small-block Ford and big-block Chevy mounts. Call for more information.

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