Vintage Air EZ Clip Hose Kit

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E-Z Clip Refrigerant Hose Kit

This new refrigerant hose and fitting program is the way to go! Now you can complete the entire line fabrication, routing and crimping in your own garage. The unique E-Z Clip fittings are easy to make up, and the unique smaller-diameter hose allows for tighter radius bends, which makes for a much cleaner install in tight package areas.

  • Reduced size and superior flexibility allows for installation in tight quarters
  • Easily slice the hose flush with EZ Clip Hose Cutter
  • Easy assembly in the field or garage with EZ Clip Connecting Pliers
  • Maximum resistance to moisture ingression
  • Light-weight, rugged hose material
  • Nickel-plated steel fittings

Each fitting connection is made with the proper fitting, one cage, and two cage clips.

Simply slip two clips over the hose end, insert the fitting, and press the cage over the hose and into the recessed groove on the fitting. Then move the cage clips over the cage and close the clips with the EZ Clip Connecting Pliers.

Kit includes adequate hose length to connect most complete systems, 9 of the most commonly used, nickel-plated steel o-ring fittings, cages and clips. Includes: 10ft. of #6, 6ft. of #8, 9ft. of #10 E-Z Clip hose.


WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm